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Highland Ballgown

Highland Ballgown

An intricate and heavily embroidered
beautiful ballgown made for a very
special Scottish occasion.

The fabrics are very fine silk dupion in
various colour combinations of tartans.
The wrap across the front is made in a
very fine pure cotton lawn fabric.

Her bodice has been tightly fitted and all
seams are top-stitched.

The skirt is quite quirky and is made up
of various lined petal shaped skirt
panels. These are not attached
together, being only attached at the
waist. This gives peeks and glimpses of
petticoats and other skirt "petals",
showing different patterns, colours and
textures as the dress moves.
I have used many different tartan fabrics in this dress, the blue tartan hides beneath the deeper reds
and greens, giving an occasional blue flash. This is picked up in the embroidery where I have
embroidered an occasional blue rose or rose bud.
The front panel, side panel and back panel of the dress have all been embroidered in silk and gold
threads then embellished with golden crystals.
The front swag of the skirt emerges from the back panel of the dress in a flourish of embroidery. It
then sweeps across the front of the skirt and hitches up into a strap on the left hip, leaving it to
drape casually down the side.
Underneath the skirt there are masses of black tulle underskirt, then under that there is a white
cotton lawn hooped crinoline trimmed in Nottingham lace to hold the dress out in the traditional
ballgown shape.
The back of the dress has an overlaid tail to give it even more of a bustle shape. The hem of the
dress dips at the back and finishes in a small train.
The bodice which is fully lined in white silk and the white underskirt all help to prevent any staining to
the doll.