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Anna in November

This outfit was created as a commission based on
an outfit worn by Keira Knightley in the film
"Anna Karenina"

I have used oceans of top quality pure silk satin to
make the skirt. It flows like liquid ink, simply

The jacket is made in a heavier cotton fabric to give
the structure and crisp pleating in the back of the

The jacket is quite simple although tightly fitted and
tailored. It has a skirt around the front which flows
into pleated tails. The inside of the tails are lined
with the silk from the skirt and the inside of the
jacket itself is lined in white to prevent staining.

The hood is made in the silk fabric also giving a
softer neckline to the jacket when the hood is down
and fits neatly over the hair when the hood is up.

As the skirt is made in such a soft flowing
fabric, structure was needed underneath.
To achieve this there is a built in underskirt
made in a crisp white cotton fabric,
trimmed with genuine Nottingham lace.

The hat worn by Keira Knightley with this
outfit is such a strong and bold part of the
outfit that it also just HAD to be made.

This was made from sculpted felt.
Hand sculpted and trimmed with a soft pink
veil, ribbon roses diamante and feathers.

This just sits on the top of her hair and is
pinned in place.

To finish off this outfit, there are some
Victorian styled boots to match.