Franklin Mint Dolls for Sale
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King Arthur's Merlin
Merlin      Product Code FR05       Price £150.00

UK - Postage and Packing £10.00    Overseas - please e-mail for Postage Costs.

The Legend Of King Arthur

Franklin Mint "Merlin-The Greatest Sorcerer of all Time"
The immortal Merlin from Authurian legend is brought to life in a magical hand-painted Porcelain Collector Doll.
Garbed in Ruby-red raiment, decorated with golden stars and trim, and a flowing velvety cape.
He wears a sorcerer hat and holds in his hand, a golden, dragon-headed staff adorned with a miniature faux jewel.
Complete with a custom designed base, matching necklace, and iridescent crystal ball in a special hand-numbered edition.
Hand numbered, handcrafted, full bodied porcelain doll that displays the power he had in the movie Excalibur.
This doll really commands and dominates over any doll collection!

Please note, these dolls and are not New in Box, they are from my own personal collection, but are in Excellent condition.
The box has long since died and gone to heaven but rest assured, I will ensure he is very safe and securely packed he will reach you in a pristine
Franklin Mint - King Arthur's Lady Of The Lake Doll

This doll is 20" tall, or 24" when you include his hat and base.