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Aleksandra, The Faberge Winter Bride Doll
Aleksandra, The Faberge Winter Bride      Product Code FR03       Price £250.00

UK - Postage and Packing £10.00    Overseas - please e-mail for Postage Costs.

She is the Imperial Russian Bride and her dress exudes the opulence and grandeur that comes with it.  She is a porcelain doll with hand painted
features.  She has long brunette hair and blue eyes.  Soft curls frame her face and braids down the side are tied together in back.  
She wears an off-white and gold velvet, satin & tulle gown that is rich with hand-sewn details.  The skirt displays an intricate latticework of
organza ribbon along with faux pearl detailing.  
She has a tulle lace veil that cascades from a goldtone filigree tiara that shows off a solitare Austrian crystal in the center and faux pearls at the
She wears a goldtone necklace with faux pearls and matching earrings.  
Her dress is hand-sewn with faux pearl detail at the skirt, the bodice and the veil.  There is also colored beading at the front bottom of the velvet
overlay and at the bodice.  
The satin sleeves are puffed and are worn off the shoulder.  She also carries an off-white rose bouquet with gold trim and she has a garter belt at
the left thigh.  
A simple gold ring is painted on her Wedding finger.  
She has painted on heels.  
Accessories include shoes, polished wooden doll stand and hangtag.
Please note, these dolls and are not New in Box but are in Excellent condition.
The boxes show signs of wear and tear
but will still ensure the doll will reach you in a pristine condition.
Franklin Mint Aleksandra- The Faberge Winter Bride Doll

This item is 18 1/2" tall

Designed and created by The House of Faberge